good morning, world!

I bought the chazzystar domain three years ago intending to use it to keep track of thoughts and projects and whatever else occurred to me on any given day. In reality, it has sat idle as I’ve put off using it until it looked the way I wanted it to. I finally decided that was stupid.

Two things made me un-lazy myself. One, the termites living in my apartment walls have attacked my furniture, and I wanted to document my science project approach to killing them. And two, today is my 34th birthday, so it seemed like a good time to just start.

I don’t yet know what will be on here. Most likely it will be some music and some gardening and some BYU sports and some random projects. Or not. Time will tell. Either way at least it is finally started. My gift to myself. Happy Birthday, me.

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4 Responses to good morning, world!

  1. Melissa says:

    I look forward to many more witty and insightful posts. I mean more posts, not more witty and insightful. You’re already very witty and insightful. Love you, and Happy Birthday. Enjoy your Sprinkles!

  2. Mom says:

    Yay! It’s about time you shared your brilliant self with the world! The termites have met their match- they’ll never know what hit em! (and btw, that furniture is your inheritance- protect it well!)

  3. Emily says:

    I wasn’t quite sure what to say in my comment, but wanted to leave one anyway…just so you know your fanclub, thus far, consists solely of your mother and sisters. I’ll hurry and tell Anna and Holly to comment. Just wait ’til we bust out our “Chazzystar” T-shirts at Christmas. It’ll be epic. Happy Birthday!

  4. Billy Griffin says:

    Hi Chaz!

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